About Us

We are CAPITALS VISION. One Stop Shop. Execution only.

We stand for High Execution Quality, High Transparency, 

and Customer Centric Support.

We offer Derivatives on Multi Asset Classes, like Currency Pairs, Spot Shares, Spot Indices, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrency and Commodities.

Our Story

We started as a small boutique International Business Company back in 2014.

Our idea of excellence quality and high standards provider of Order Execution Only Services matured around a team of finance professionals and financiers coming with 15+ years of excellence in areas like capital markets, money markets, futures markets, commodities markets, interbank markets, and foreign exchange  which together with IT and FinTech gurus' put together one of the most awarded stand alone Execution Engine and Price Aggregator. 

And the rest is history.......

We vision a finance world where capitals exchange at altmost no cost, at minimum friction, from one investor to another. We vision investors and brokers not on conflicts of interest. We vision technical tools and FinTech platforms providing social benefits and high levels of engagement. We vision investors creating self sustained communities, thriving to share financial knowledge with others. We vision full tranparency, customer centric support, stability, accesibility, scallability.

We vision....CAPITALS Vision.

Our Vision