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Account Opening Procedure

We are CAPITALS VISION. One Stop Shop. Execution only.


Fill in the Registration Form!

Press the REGISTER button and complete all the information required in the Account Opening Form. Our Systems will automatically send the username and password to the provided email address!

After you log in with the provided username and password, choose Compliance and fill in the Compliance Questionnaires. Please approach each question carefully. We use your answers to build your customer's profile in light of the applicable Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing laws in your country of residence.


Fill in the Compliance Questionnaire!


Upload your personal documents!

Being logged in with the provided username and password, choose Compliance, afterward Documents, and upload the required personal documents.

We will verify the following:

  • ID copy - make sure it is color and all four corners are visible;

  • Proof of Residence copy - make sure your residence address is visible (we accept bank statements, utility bills, and internet bills);

  • Self Declaration - you can download the Declaration form from the Documents module, fill in the required information, sign, and upload;

  • Signed Contract - after registration, you will automatically receive our contract via email. Read it carefully, sign and upload it;

  • Risk Disclaimer - You will automatically receive our Risk Disclaimer via email after registration. Read it carefully, and reply with "I agree" to the provided email.

After we process your documents, the status of each paper will be visible in the Documents module.

*for company accounts, don't hesitate to get in touch with us

Being logged in with the username and the password provided, choose Deposit in the My Account area. We will display the deposit details available on the next page, according to your region of residence.



Deposit and wait to be VERIFIED!

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